Oil Absorbent Bags

Filters.com manufactures three different grades of Oil Absorbent Bag Filters and in four different sizes. These Absorbent bags are made from multiple layers of polypropylene micro fiber nonwoven that attract (oleophillic) oil droplets within the nonwoven matrix.

The degree of effectiveness of these bags is dependent on the type of oil you are trying to remove as will as the differential pressure across the bag filter media. The greater the differential pressure the greater the propensity will be for the oil droplet to deform, and migrate downstream which you don’t want.

For this reason we encourage you to use gauges on your housing to decrease your risk of forcing oil droplets downstream

P1SH measures 7″x 17″ P2S-H 7″x 34″
25 Units 50/100 Units 125+ Units 25 Units 50/100 Units 125+ Units
Super Absorbent
FSPOMF.5A $10.12 $9.38 $8.72 $15.88 $14.72 $13.69
General Purpose
FGPOMF10A $4.72 $4.38 $4.07 $6.66 $6.18 $5.75
Light Grade
FLPOMF25A $4.54 $4.21 $3.92 $6.22 $5.77 $5.37
F=Filters.com S=Super Absorbent G=General Purpose L=Light Grade


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