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The Purtrex depth filter, is an exceptional value for general applications where long life, high purity and low change-out frequency are required. Produced through GE’s patented melt blown microfiber technology.

  • Purtrex is a 100% pure polypropylene depth filter.
  • Exceptional dirt-holding capacity.
  • Purtrex’ true-graded density filter matrix (lower density at the surface of the filter with progressively higher density toward the center) captures particles throughout the entire filter depth.
  • Fewer change-outs than existing string-wound or resin-bonded filters.
  • No wetting agents, solvents, antistatic agents or binders.
  • Meets the requirements of the FDA for food and beverage contact.
  • Incinerates to trace ash for easy disposal. 

Typical Applications

  • Potable water filtrationGE
  • Chemical filtration – wide chemical compatibility
  • Plating baths
  • Amine Filtration
  • Food and Beverages

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Showing 1–45 of 299 results