Pentair/Ametek Potable Water

The Smart Way to Choose your
Pentair/Ametek Potable Water Products

Standard Pentair HousingStandard Housings
Cartridge Filters Used:
2.5″(10″ or 20″)
4.5″(10″ or 20″)
Special Pentair Housing
Special Housings
Available Sizes:
Valve in Head (10″ or 20″)
Clear Sump w/ Opt. Valve in Head (10″)
Pure Polypropylene 222 (10″)
Standard Pentair HousingSediment Housings
Pleated Cartridges
Carbon Filter GroupCarbon Filters

GAC & Carbon Block Filters

Standard Pentair HousingSpecialty Filters
Deionization/Iron Reduction
Oil Absorbing/Electroplating
Water Softening/Chloramine