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Pleated Filters with Polypropylene Membrane

Description and Use
Memtrex PM (MPM) filters’ 100% polypropylene construction offers low extractables, long service life and broad chemical compatibility. Thermoplastic sealing techniques are used in the cartridge construction eliminating the need for glues or sealers which could leach contaminates. MPM filters are integrity testable. All components are made of FDA-acceptable materials and meet the test criteria for the USP24 Class VI 121°C plastics.

Typical Applications
Memtrex PM filters are specifically designed for pure chemical filtration. Typical applications include:

  • Vent and Process Air
  • Etchants, Photoresists and Developers
  • Solvents, Acids and Bases
  • Ultrapure Chemicals

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Showing 1–45 of 84 results